bob综合:XLY-380/40-Q Power Supply Lightning Protection Box

Product Application

      XLY-380/40-Q dual-circuit parallel power lightning protection box, equipped with high-performance module components and high-quality circuit breakers, is carefully designed and professionally manufactured. It is widely applied to the power box of the railway communication machinery room to realize the comprehensive protection of the three-phase power supply system: differential mode (lateral) protection for L1-N, L2-N, L3-N; common mode (longitudinal) protection for L1-PE, L2-PE, L3-PE and N-PE. It realizes protection against lightning induced overvoltage and surge overcurrent. 

Product features

The inside of the box adopts high-performance modular components, good non-linearity, large flow, low residual pressure, excellent quality.

The module has a built-in dynamic thermal trip device, which will act immediately after deterioration, so that the lightning protector can be safely removed from the main circuit.

Optimized circuit design, comprehensive protection in vertical and horizontal directions.

High-quality circuit breakers are adopted; stable and reliable operation.

The lightning protection module can be plugged and replaced when powered, which is convenient for maintenance and has no impact on the circuit operation.

The board has a lightning counter, which can record the number of lightning strikes, and has a reset button.

With sound-light alarm function, it can realize the alarm of power supply lack of phase, open circuit of circuit breaker, aging and tripping of lightning protection module, and the display is clear and timely. With remote signal alarm terminal, it is convenient for remote monitoring and can realize unattended operation.

The internal wiring is neat and reasonable, pleasant and practical.

The upper and lower parts of the box have holes, and special wiring terminals are adopted. The power cable is easy to enter and exit, and the connection is reliable.

The lightning counter and sound-light alarm can be powered by rechargeable batteries and mains electricity, and the operation is stable and reliable.