bob综合:Axle counting system

Product Application

       Axle counting system is an important signaling device for detecting the occupancy or clearance of tracks, turnout sections, crossings, and section lines to ensure driving safety. It integrates software and hardware in a complete system. Core technologies: train rim detection technology, axle counting monitoring technology, axle counting simulation test technology, direction information output system, safety information transmission technology, train movement direction detection technology, conditional access to axle counting application technology, axle counting system, host design. 

Product features

Standardized design; board of the same model can be directly replaced without any configuration.

Based on the modular design of the section, the axle counting circuit of each section works independently and does not affect each other.

It can simulate the occupation of a single section.

The axle counting computing unit adopts the safety structure of ‘two out of two’.

Outdoor electronic equipment only contains wheel sensor, which is easy for installation and maintenance.

The axle counter board can automatically adapt to various types of sections without the need for software configuration.  

Based on the working principle of train rim detection, the disturbance range is small.

All data processing equipment is located indoors, and there is no need to ground and install lightning protection device for outdoor equipment.