• bob综合: Talent strategy

    1. Adhere to the talent concept of “Equal stress on integrity and ability, integrity first”, uphold the concept of “integrity, responsibility, collaboration, and innovation”, take the struggler as the foundation, and emphasize that the company and employees to create and share together.

    2. Give full play to the fundamental and strategic role of talents, and promote the transformation of enterprise development methods to technological advancement, employee quality improvement, and management innovation.

    3.Actively provide opportunities and conditions for all kinds of talents to realize their value, and realize the win-win development of enterprises and individuals.

  • bob综合: Education Mechanism

    1. Establish employee files and reserve talent pools, implement succession plans and comprehensive development of internal rotations, and create an open, fair and just environment for talents.

    2. Focus on the combination of practice and contribution, and establish a multi-dimensional evaluation system that combines attitude, ability and performance to provide a basis for the training and development of employees.

    3. Build and create a variety of learning channels, and provide a variety of learning resources on enterprise development and talent training.

  • bob综合: Career Development

    1. We provide a matrix career development channel. Employees can plan career development through multiple sequences of management, professionalism, technology, marketing, and operation, so as to achieve personal promotion and post promotion, and obtain corresponding salary.

bob综合: Recruitment

Types of Recruitment

  • Social Recruitment

  • Campus Recruitment

  • Internal Competition


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