bob综合:Zhengzhou Metro Line 14

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       Zhengzhou Metro Line 14 is the first metro project in China that applies domestic encryption technology to the urban rail transit signal system. Zhengzhou Metro Line 14 reflects the prospect of development from a major agricultural province to an international metropolis. The completion and opening of the first phase of Zhengzhou Metro Line 14 will build a three-dimensional rail transit network for Zhengzhou citizens and foreign tourists to travel pleasantly; it connects the diverse urban spaces of the Zhengzhou metropolitan area, and stimulates the driving forces along the line to present a new Zhengzhou in a new era. This line is located in the Zhengzhou Citizen Cultural Service Zone and the surrounding area. It is not only the crucial project of the public transportation in the future Zhengzhou Citizen Cultural Service Center, but also a new display window in the west of Zhengzhou.