bob综合:Intelligent monitoring analysis and maintenance system

Product Application

The station analysis machine of this system is designed with full reference to the various standards and monitoring technical conditions of the China Railway Corporation on signal equipment, and absorbs the advantages and highlights of the existing microcomputer monitoring systems of various institutes. With an aim of signal equipment health management and equipment maintenance assistance, it realizes the equipment operation status, equipment health, equipment alarm and pre-warning analysis functions of signal equipment. Provide assistance for the intelligent maintenance of railway signal equipment and the transition of signal equipment from failure to normal. 

Product features

●  The main functions: 
Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of analog and switch value 
Report statistics: hourly and daily reports 
Curve display: turnout movement curve, failure curve, daily curve  
Equipment early warning and alarm: three-level early warning and alarm 
Operation log: user behavior log, system operation log, interface log 
Station diagram|Status diagram: station diagram and status diagram that meet the monitoring technical conditions   
Intelligent interface: data display of interlocking, train control, CTC/TDCS, ZPW2000, etc.
Playback: playback of analog and switch value, alarm playback, etc.  
●  Special functions: 
Failure diagnosis and early warning analysis for the entire life cycle of the equipment. 
Alarm device provides analysis tree details. 
One-click diagnosis of the health of the specified device. 
Artificial intelligence-based equipment health assessment and failure prediction.
Communication status diagram: display the communication status of various interfaces and collectors.
Count the applied times of key equipment and the occurrence of key events.